Charred Remains ft. Bryte

by Tobacco Rat, Bryte

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Charred Remains (ft. Bryte), the new single from W.A. beatlord Tobacco Rat, fuses the aggressive old-school rap stylings of lyricist Bryte and the crushing synth-noise sounds of Perth’s favourite rodent/producer in a rapid take-no-prisoners assault.

Starting life as a wild experiment for a separate project that stalled, Tobacco Rat invited Bryte to jump on the track and join him on stage for his most auspicious World Rat Day gig. Within a few days, Bryte had written, recorded and returned the verse with his fierce technique and blazing heat, leaving T.R. to polish and lock down the production.

Bryte’s Rakim-esque verse flexes on the ferocity of Hip Hop lyrical form, focusing on the relationship between an artist and the inherent competitive spirit:

“For me, the song puts lyrical skill and battle culture underneath a magnifying glass, using heated analogies to boastfully describe my superior vocabulary strength and delivery techniques ... it’s one of my most technically robust songs to date."

Charred Remains drops on all digital platforms through on Thursday August 1, through Know One Knows.

Produced and Mixed by Jake Steele
Mastered by Jack Prest at Emerald City
Artwork by Paul Meewson
Photo by Jake Steele



Call me your bryteness, bow to my lyrical tightness,
trival cypher's back like a serial crisis,
furial vibes attack like bacterial viruses,
timeless raps flatten wak scribble to pikelets,
simple papyrus, black dribblin niceness,
little McGuyver's devices brittle and lifeless,
skill of the righteous, tracks like crippling typhus,
literal Midas give em gold kill em with kindness,
killin the gripers, climb hills that are hightless,
still on the grind just chillin refillin’ my mind,
it's time civilians find where the billions lie,
and really realise why we by the millions die,
villainous guys let lives cast away,
what part you play dard know my art's to hard to slay,
they start to pray coz I'm calm like namaste
They starve for fame but my craft sustains my heart and brain,
You step half as game my path remains after you cast your last distain,
I shake scarred terrain and spark the blaze,
you can't contain my flow, you cant bypass the waves,
you get ya ass sauteed, I'm the flame burnin’ in the dark arcade,
I'm past ya plane cavernous my arts arcane,
as I mark my stain savoring ya avante garde's charred remains,

Charred Remains,
Charred Remains,
Charred Remains,

Savouring your avante garde’s charred remains,
Fakes go in body bags laid upon a shotty slab,
rollin on a trolley those toes get properly tagged,
I'm chopping the hands lopping under foggy lamps,
stiffers are shocked in a trance, as I lock em in clamps,
droppin emin coffins, suckers have got me in cramps,
climbing to the highland of the rhymin through rockier crags,
I'm the Bryte Buddah light, enliven the trochlear strands,
and drop for the fans pop and lock for the pops and the grans,
Spot for ya man when we bomb on ya block with a can,
choppin the grams and bong on in the swamp with fam,
I'm locking hands with kings singin songs with the plants,
I'm strong when I stand like kong, I belong to the land,
I'm rising to life's challenges hypin the hypothalamus,
risin’ ya night terrors with psychoanalysis,
whiten ya pallidness and frighten ya mind with my callousness,
knifin’ ya talentless heart while ya fightin paralysis,
now rise with ya chalises,
I bring back vibes to get ya higher than a fifo miner,
My nice flows spit tight so think twice yo
ya biter sideshow is set a lighter by my pyro cypher,
ya get ya brainstem snipered I'm the mast man hiding in the dark arcade
The lyric assassin, come and get ya head divided when I'm slicin
savourin ya avant garde's charred remains,




released August 1, 2019
Jacob Steele, Brian Kim Lloyd


all rights reserved



Know One Knows Australia

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